Mrs. Poornima Sudhindra

Mrs. Poornima Sudhindra is the Management Trustee and Co-Founder of the PoornaSudha Cancer Foundation.

As an accomplished professional with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics from the Rowan University in New Jersey, Mrs. Sudhindra spent 15 years at Rohm & Haas (now Dow Chemical) as a Statistical Analyst.

However, a deep resolve to be involved in making the community a better place saw her involved in various Executive Committees devoted to community activities. She also spent time with the American Cancer foundation as a patient navigator which gave her an insight into the different stages of screening, detection and treatment for the different types of cancer.  That experience combined with her personal experiences of relatives and acquaintances from India and the United States who had approached her oncologist husband, Dr. Rama Sudhindra, with many breast cancer related cases,  galvanized the couple into creating an entity dedicated to the a cause of breast cancer awareness.

Mrs. Sudhindra aims to increase awareness of breast cancer by way of campaigns and mobile screenings through the foundation’s signature initiative “MOM Express” (Mobile On-sight Mammography) which will be conducted in both urban and rural areas of the state.

At PoornaSudha, Mrs. Sudhindra spearheads all aspects of the operations including planning and liaising with local, medical, corporate and government entities to carry out PoornaSudha’s activities.

The initiative which is a first of its kind in the state of Karnataka, expects to significantly impact cancer treatment by way of enhanced awareness and an increase in the early detection of breast cancer to better combat the alarmingly pervasive condition.